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Multi-point Inspection

After 20 years of experience of assisting clients in the transformation of their lives and
businesses, this is a method to evaluate, then create, balance in all aspects of life. In identifying
which “spokes of the wheel” need healing or revision, the multi-point inspection takes away the
overwhelm and assists in expediting results. When the individual has balance and prosperity in
their own life, they bring the highest level of creativity to the group.

Customer Service Education

How many times have you been affected by poor customer service? Unfortunately, this is
happening all too often in our culture. Our course on How to Give Extraordinary Customer
Service will create happier employees, a more positive culture from the top to bottom of your
organization, and will generate more profitability to your bottom line and more overall brand
recognition. Let us show you and your team how.

What Does it Mean to Be a Salesperson?

In this course, we break down the fundamentals of connecting through selling a product or
service. We teach tools and techniques of connecting with customers, identifying their needs,
and leading them to a product or service that will best help them or enhance their experience.
Our course takes the “ick” out of pitchy, disconnected, and old fashioned sales techniques and
creates an energy exchange of “win-win”. If you want to increase your bottom line, sign up for
this seminar.

The Grind

So many entrepreneurs attempt to start or run a business that ends up running them—they are
left feeling drained, over worked, and underpaid. This program is a collection of our best
techniques put together in a progressive and digestible order designed for your success.
This course is for both those who are just getting started or who are seasoned professionals.

Teachings for Sustainability

Sustainability is the linchpin for long term success and profitability. Sustaining is required for
mental health, physical health, and financial health. In this course, we educate on the practices
you will need to attain powerful sustainability while staying motivated and inspired.

The Art of Saying No

Are you a recovering people pleaser? Do you have a difficult time saying “no” and therefore
experience resentment, exhaustion, and regret? The Art of Saying No will free you from this
discomfort, providing easy and kind ways to hold-to your “no” without leaving a spirit of
rejection on the other person, therefore, increasing more respect within your relationships.

Healthy Boundaries

We have all experienced the negative effects of not having healthy boundaries. In this course,
we load up your tool belt with the techniques of creating healthy boundaries and exploring why
boundaries are so important.

Conflict Resolution

Being able to resolve our conflicts and bring the relationships back to a healthy homeostasis is
necessary in professional or personal success. In the business realm, conflict resolution
techniques help mitigate turnover, increase productivity, and cultivate a positive and inspired
work culture. In the personal realm, conflict resolution techniques create more sustaining joy,
less stress, depression, anxiety, and elevates overall health. In our course, we streamline how
to set yourself and the person you are in conflict with up for success to heal and grow.

How to Validate and Emotionally Support Your Team & Customers

There is an art to validating and emotionally supporting your team, customers, and the people
in your life. In an era where social media yields high levels of reviews turned to dollars, LemLac
will teach you how to thrive in this socially important and lucrative skill set.

The Three Roots of Fear

There are three categories of “roots of fear” in which all other fears fall under. In this intriguing
course, we examine the three roots of fear and the path of overcoming those blocks that
prevent one from arriving at their full potential.

Active Listening

“Two ears, one mouth” our mothers would say, but this age old saying holds wisdom. In this
class, we learn the skills to becoming a supportive listener and then an active listener. A
supportive listener learns from our bank of validating statements to make the person feel safe,
seen, soothed, and supported. Then we study how to become an active listener by engaging
with empowering questions that further deepen understanding and communication.

How to Create More Work/Life Balance

Creating balance in our work and life allows for sustainability, motivation, clarity, and overall
better health. If you or your team is struggling to find balance, this is the class for you.

How to Cultivate More Monetization

Do you feel stuck in your current pay structure and are looking to increase your company’s
bottom line? In this course, we teach how to examine your balance sheet to improve your P&L,
exploring revenue streams, value-adds such as a formal marketing outline, and customer
service improvements to deepen your pockets and rejuvenate your spirit.

Marketing Strategies

Need to broaden your brand? We have a collection of 20 years of marketing strategies to
improve your reach. In our ever-changing world of the web, we are continually updating our
research to help your company’s awareness drive sales. We also teach our method of creating
content calendars and a formal marketing strategy to give you and/or your team the structure
they need to stay on track.

Creating Culture

With the up-rise of the younger generations entering into the work place, the importance of
culture is more important than ever before in employee retention and productivity. In this
course, we give a step-by-step strategic planning module to create a culture that will
reinvigorate your company dynamics so your company is the sought-after place to be and stay.

High School Seminars

Melanie has been teaching a high school life-skills class for over 20 years at her local alma
mater. Hire us for this impactful day retreat designed specifically for 14-18 year olds looking to
broaden their emotional band-width and integrate “real world emotional survival skills”.

Add on’s to your retreat…

Culinary Service

LemLac has their own team of culinary partners and advanced sommeliers.

Wine & More

LemLac has a proud strategic partnership with Van Edom’s Wine + Tapas Bar in Knoxville, Tennessee for locals or surrounding-area locals. Email us so we can share our custom designed, seasonal menu options.

Wine Tasting

Add-on a celebratory wine tasting and elegant dinner party or luncheon to your retreat experience! Our chefs have high-end achievements and our sommeliers are vivacious and filled with entertaining knowledge.


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