Creating Goodness







When Melanie and Calin met, they quickly realized they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together “Co-Creating” for good—and therefore, the business Creating Goodness was born.

We have to find a way to create a gift shop for people.


Melanie is the owner of AlmaDiem: A Business Community which houses like minded entrepreneurs under one roof in a shared co-working space. Day-in and day-out she works alongside small business owners, who she believes are the back bone of our local communities and economy. Each entrepreneur sacrifices so much, all while wearing many hats, working hard to make a difference in our world while supporting their families and dreams. Melanie and Calin decided they wanted to innovate a simple and effortless way to put more supplemental money into the pockets of small business owners. They also wanted a way for every-day families who cannot leave their existing jobs to bring in additional income with ease.“We have to find a way to create a gift shop for people,” Melanie said. “When I was a solo practice massage therapist, if someone created a way for me to have my guests enter and exit through my own virtual gift shop while I make a commission, it would have been life changing.”
So, Melanie and Calin launched Creating Goodness: Enter and Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Creating Goodness has personally vetted and handpicked locally owned and operated companies with products they know you’ll love. With every purchase, you are helping a myriad of small business owners thrive.

Meet our affiliates:
865 Candle Company
HoneyBee Coffee
The Hive
We offer bi-weekly and monthly membership shipments anywhere in the continental US.

If you’re interested in any of our products use code LemLac at our affiliate websites. Happy Shopping!
*If you are an owner of a salon, spa, office space, co-working space, business incubator, or are someone wanting to bring home supplemental income with ease email us here.