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Mel & Cal

Melanie and Calin’s first date began as the restaurant doors opened at Chivo Taqueria.  What was going to be a one margarita meetup, turned into an intriguingly fun and flirty conversation that lasted until the exhausted employees began mopping underfoot and the bright house lights were blatantly illuminated, an inference saying, “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.” These two captivated acquaintances became inseparable ever since.

They did not know then that the best first date of their lives would turn into a layered
partnership of purpose.

Upon meeting, Mel and Cal were both well established in their careers; however,
serendipitously and separately the pair felt a calling to give back and serve differently than their current career iterations. They excitedly started to explore their individual ideas and intentions when organically they discovered combining their gifts & talents yielded a spectacular heart- driven business model, and thus LemLac was born.

Melanie and Calin delight in curating inspiring experiences for people to connect, heal, share, and grow. They believe that when you heal yourself, you heal the world—and that our relationships determine the quality of our lives. They look forward in grand anticipation to serving you.

Melanie and Calin reside in East Tennessee with their dog, Chivo.